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Av Nathalie - 2 juli 2010 01:40

[We are not gonna pick up where we left of last time, cause at first we need to head right to the start of everything, three months ago in september, it was a sunny monday morning and Lia where of to school]

She was walking the usual way, behind the houses and trough the park, but this day feelt different when she walked passed the trees and sang her usual tune.

She where happy for once, everything was going good just this once that was why she feelt different, she was in her own mind and thinking about her family and all about everyone in her life and at the same time singing her own melody with her own words "when you know all you want, you know it´s right there for you" 

while singing she passed trough the whole park and when she got to the road right in front of the school she almost got hit by a boy on a bike.

She tried to see if she knew the guy, but he went by so fast and he didn´t even say sorry for almost running her over, but he shouted something strange:

- Lia it´s not your darkest day yet.

He where gone before she even could understand what just happen, a mystery boy he was, but there was no time to stand and wonder she had a class to go to.

When Lia came back home that night she feelt really confused, cause that boy who shouted wasn´t the only strange thing that happened that day.

She lived in an apartment with her mother that she couldn´t stand to be around to long everyday, so her favorite thing to do when school was over was to go to the library and think or take long walks outside.

Now when she came home her mother wasn´t there and that was a good thing cause who can stand her nagging after a confusing day like this?

She took her bag and went into her room, the room where not as big as she would have wanted it but she could live with it, and the boring colour on the walls "light green" where something she had to live with at least for the near future.

When Lia walked into her room and turned on the light she got a surprise, this day just got stranger !

Someone had put a paper on her pillow with the phrase "you don´t know us, but we know you", the funny thing about it was that it didn´t scare her at all and that this was the second note she got today.

Because at lunch or after lunch at school she went to her locker to get her chemistry books and a note with the words "see you soon" fell out on to the floor and she knew that it wasn´t from any of her books or anything like that so someone had put it their for her, just like someone now had been into her home and placed this paper on her pillow.

She wasn´t scared, but she feelt confused, WHO was it that had done all this? WHAT did that person or persons want with her? and that´s a fact to many questions and no answers what so ever.

While waiting on her mother to appear she sat on her bed with her newest book and read til she fell asleep...




Född: 1989
Bor: Norrbotten
Älskar: Kim & Fantasy

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